My children are now accusing me of witchcraft and denying me as their mother

I got divorced in 1973 and I have raised my children on my own since then. I gave birth to 6 children but 2 died and now I have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. Beforehand, the first born of the house with his wife and the last born of the house were staying with me in my compound (separate house), one day as the elder son was coming from his drinking place he physically abused me to appoint that I got sick, this caused chaos in the family and the son with her wife had to leave the house and rent in area 25. Since then, they stopped visiting me, even when I was very sick. One day, the son (the first born who moved out) borrowed an amount of 700 000 from me and later in that month I had also given 200 000 to the daughter in law to keep for me and I also borrowed another sum of 100 000 to their child (my grandson). After getting this money the son has never been to my house again. The family do not want to give me back my money and instead they have influenced the other sons and daughters that I a witch. The whole family now calls me a witch and do not want to associate themselves with me in anyway and they have gotten to a point of denying me as their mother.