In commemoration of International Women’s Day On the 8th of March, 2018, the Women Lawyers Association of Malawi in partnership with Ufulu Wanga held a Legal Clinic in area 23, Chilungamo Orphanage Center. Why? The Legal clinic was held for Human rights education, legal advice and accelerating the need and importance of using technology in solving human rights issues. Chapter 4 of the Malawi Constitution was the main focus at the campaign, especially sections 20, 22, 23 and 24, where women and girls were taught of their rights. One of the case raised was of a divorced woman with children, who does not get help from her former husband for the children’s welfare because she remarried. The WLA advised her by quoting Chapter 4 section 23(4) which stipulates that children are entitled to be protected from economic exploitation of any treatment, work or punishment that is, or is likely to be hazardous, interfere with their education or be harmful to their health or to their physical, mental or spiritual or social development.

The community legal clinic saw through the attendance of 350 people, who were women, girls and HEforSHE Champions. The occasion was graced with Traditional leaders who were cases given led by the chief of the area, Village Headman Shuga.

 At the end of the public awareness campaign, the Lawyers had one on one sessions with the women and girls who had questions or needed legal advice on human rights violations and abuse. The people were also informed on how to use the Ufulu Wanga mobile number when their rights have been violated.

By Wakisa Kondowe.