People are born as males or females and the understanding in society is that man and woman should be attracted to each other… BUT. This is not always the case. As society there is need for acceptance and respect that each member in the community exists in isolation yet together. So ones sexual preference should never determine how they should be treated in society. Sexuality should not define roles.

All human beings are equal regardless of sex (UN, 1948).

Below are some of the sexual diversity’s and how you can best identify yourself:

·         Heterosexual: when a person is attracted to their opposite sex they are known as heterosexuals.

·         Lesbian: this is when a female is sexually attracted to her fellow females or in other terms Girl on Girl attraction

·         Gay : this is when a male is sexually attracted to his fellow men

·         Bisexual: this is a term that refers to a male or female who is sexually attracted to both males and females for example Jane is in a relationship with John but Jane also finds Angella very attractive and wants to be in a relationship with Angella too.

·         Transgender: this refers to a person whose gender identity is neither male nor female.

·         Queer: Queer refers to the state of questioning where one is still in the process of discovering their sexual identity. For example: Jane is in a relationship with John but has the very same feelings for Angella. Jane is unsure of what she is feeling. In most terms this is a phase of discovery.


While progress has been made, many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people still worry that revealing their sexuality at work will have negative consequences. What can businesses do to support LGBT employees?

Minority Rights are Human Rights. How can organisations in Malawi promote the rights of Minorities?

1.    Human Rights education and trainings for employees; Education is key, as is the desire to embrace people for who they are, not who they love. Once that is covered, the rest will follow.

2.    Integrate Minority Rights into Company Profiles.

mHub through the Ufulu Wanga initiative provides a safe haven where Malawian citizens can anonymously report on issues of Human Rights Violation. We fully acknowledge the rights of Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders and other Curious Human Beings.

Through our platform, our helpline: 0993892234 as well as our social media pages Facebook: Ufulu Wanga- My Rights, Your Rights, Our Rights., Twitter: @UfuluWangaMW the Malawi LGBTQ community can be assisted with regards to the various inequalities they may encounter in their everyday life.