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    End Child Marriages
    Every three seconds, somewhere in the world, a girl under the age of 18 is married. If the present trend continues, 100 million girls will marry over the next decade. That means that every day 25,000 girls will become child brides.
    • Religious leaders are uniquely positioned as moral voices to lead a call to end violence against children
    • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) recognizes the right to “free and full” consent to marry
    • Child brides face a higher rate of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections

About Ufulu Wanga

My Rights, Your Rights, Our Rights

Ufulu Wanga, Ufulu Wako, Ufulu Wathu

Ufulu Wanga is a human rights platform that seeks to provide basic and educative information on human rights issues, what to do when you feel your rights are being violated and the service providers that offer help in these different fields.  The platform seeks to bridge the knowledge gap between human rights service providers and the citizens by providing information on human rights. The platform is secure whereby the anonymity and privacy of citizens is upheld.

For to be free is not merely to cast off ones chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.

Nelson Mandela

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A few important quotes about human rights
All women and girls have the fundamental right to live free of violence. This right is enshrined in international human rights and humanitarian law. And it lies at the heart of my UNITE to End Violence against Women campaign.
Ban Ki-moon
I stand for simple justice, equal opportunity and human rights. The indispensable elements in a democratic society - and well worth fighting for.
Helen Suzman
If a country doesn't recognize minority rights and human rights, including women's rights, you will not have the kind of stability and prosperity that is possible.
Hillary Clinton

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Speaking Out on Human Rights shows how our human rights system plays a unique and important role in the rights revolution both in Malawi and internationally and offers promising avenues for its future development.